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    3D printing on the rise

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    Spare parts from the 3D printer: More and more customers are making use of Rapid Parts on Demand – and they can now look forward to some more new features.
    • Customers who get Krones to supply and install a 3D printer for their own use can then obtain the raw materials required for printing from KIC Krones.

    The ability to produce spare parts yourself, optionally with your own 3D printer or via an online order through, was the original idea behind Rapid Parts on Demand. Responsibility for this innovative customer service rests with eBusiness, or to be more precise the Customer 3D Solutions team. And in 2023, they have implemented some new features, both with regard to the technical design of the 3D printing and in terms of the relevant functions in

    Customers who get Krones to supply and install a 3D printer for their own use can then obtain the raw materials required for printing from KIC Krones. Two new heavy-duty products have been added to the filaments already offered. These have been tailored specifically to the mechanical requirements that the spare parts encounter in Krones lines, bringing all sorts of benefits: Not only do they give the parts manufactured from them greater capability and durability, but they also open up entirely new applications by significantly expanding the spectrum of printable spare parts.

    Instantly recognisable

    A special material additive gives the filaments both a characteristic blue shade and unique identifiability. This means that spare parts which were manufactured using the Krones printing method can be identified one hundred percent as such. “That’s an important factor for guaranteeing the quality of our originally 3D-printed spare parts,” says Johannes Karl, Head of Customer 3D Solutions. The reel holders on which the filaments are wound also come with some clever innovations. They are, for instance, detected automatically by the printer, allowing it to make the correct settings on its own. That means the typical errors which can occur when the material is loaded manually are history. “This improves usability enormously,” says a happy Johannes Karl.

    At a glance

    The “My printers” area in the shop has also been updated with new functions:

    • Tile images of the connected printers
    • Live camera snapshot
    • Display of printing progress in percent and “Done” in the shop overview
    • Display of the last printing operation started (including users)
    • In the “My print job history” category:
      • Display of the current print status
      • Clearer print job history with more filter options
    • In the “Analytics” category:
      • New, configurable analysis tool
      • Diagrams of completed print jobs, order quantity, filament used and print status

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