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    Sustainable packaging solutions from Krones
      04. March 2020

      Sustainable packaging solutions from Krones

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      LitePac Top reduces not only the material and energy consumption involved. With the associated machine technology, it is possible to selectively orientate the cans, so as to ensure prominent placement of the brand logo at the point of sale, for instance.

      How is it possible to transform the predominant mode of resource consumption into a sustainable circular economy? And what options does the industrial sector have for accomplishing this change? Krones AG has been addressing this question for quite a long time. The answer can be summarised in two words: reduce, recycle.

      The LitePac Top secondary packages from Krones, e.g. as a cardboard clip for non-returnable PET containers or cans, reflect precisely this approach. During the production process, the LitePac series scores highly in terms of lower energy consumption and less wastage than with shrink-packs. A particular highlight: it is even possible to selectively orientate the cans so as to ensure prominent placement of the brand logo, for instance, or to form a consistently harmonised motif from several different can designs. The packaging used in LitePac Top can be produced from recycled materials, and after consumption be recycled again.

      LitePac Top can be handled using the Varioline 2M packer. The Varioline series offers maximised flexibility with a combination of secondary and tertiary packaging. In all, more than 20 different packaging combinations can be created on a single machine. By using encapsulated, lifetime-lubricated bearings, electric vacuum pumps or a drive system where the braking energy is recovered and re-used for acceleration, the Varioline additionally unites sustainability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

      Flexibility, brilliant colours and plenty of creative scope in terms of visual and haptic container design are offered by the DecoType direct-printing machine from Dekron. Direct printing enables new designs to be cost-efficiently applied to bottles within a minimised timeframe. By printing the motif directly on the container’s body, the labels, which often consist of plastics, can be dispensed with. Direct printing functions with both virgin PET and bottles made of recyclate. The imprinted bottles can also be recycled again themselves.

      And for recovering the plastics involved, too, Krones has a solution in its portfolio. Because the MetaPure recycling systems not only enable PET bottles to be recycled into food-grade PET, but also plastic packages to be recovered and even upcycled.

      Learn more about the packaging solutions and a closed cycle of re-usable materials offered by Krones and visit us at the interpack, Stand A73 in Hall 13 or under

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