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      Botec F1

      With Botec F1, nothing is left to chance in beverage production. This process control system monitors and controls every stage in batch production – and therefore makes it one hundred percent reproducible. Under these conditions it is not only possible to produce products of a consistently high quality, but to use equipment, raw materials and energy far more efficiently. Botec F1 even has a positive impact on the results of manual or semi-automatic processes as well: Its process-driven menu navigation provides the production personnel with support for example with the receiving and weighing of raw materials, thereby effectively preventing errors.


      The Botec F1 process control system automates complex production workflows. It therefore drives the performance of your production to a higher level – and maintains it at this high level. The basic configuration can be used for

      • planning, controlling, monitoring, documenting and analysing production processes.
      • creating and managing recipes.
      • planning, managing and processing orders.
      • complete tracing of product batches with the tracking and tracing function (optional).
      • exchange of information between the production and planning level via ERP interface (optional).

      The entry package can be supplemented by additional modules as follows:


      • Automatically determines the optimum transfer route in each case
      • Controls the transfer route including the required displacements, locking, tank changeovers, dosing, etc
      • Optimises the line operation and increases product safety during transfers


      • Makes what is going on in the fermentation tank visible via livestream
      • Monitors the fermentation process automatically and sends results without delay back to the fermentation tank controller
      • Facilitates efficient and resource- saving cleaning

      Benefits to you

      • Flexibility
        The system can be expanded step by step and grows along with your plant.
      • Simple
        Botec F1 brings a clear structure into your processes and offers an attractively coherent control concept.
      • Quality
        Automation enables you to stabilise your processes and ensure a high level of quality for your products.
      • Optimisation
        Botec F1 helps you gain valuable information for boosting the efficiency of your plant.
      • Standardisation
        The system is based on the international standards for batch controls, ANSI/ISA-88 and ANSI/ ISA-95.

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