Krones Contipure AseptBloc DN
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Aseptic block for low-acid-products Contipure AseptBloc DN

    Aseptic block for low-acid products

    A protected atmosphere for your product

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    The Krones aseptic systems family includes experts for all kinds of different sterilisation methods and products to be filled. One of them is the Contipure AseptBloc DN, which is specialised on low-acid products and fully meets their requirements. Regardless of whether you are blow moulding, filling or capping, with the Contipure AseptBloc DN every production step is safely included in an aseptic processing chain. 

    At a glance

    • Design:
      - Preform sterilisation module
      - Aseptic blow moulder
      - Aseptic filler and capper
    • Suitable for:
      - Low-acid products
      - Cylindrical and square PET containers
      - Standard and lightweight containers
    • Output: up to 55,200 containers per hour
    • Only one sterilising medium: gaseous hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)

    DN = Dry, Neutral

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    The design

    The design

    Benefits to you

    Triple protection

    The all-round treatment with gaseous H2O2 sterilises the entire preform surface at once, both the inside and the neck area on the outside. 

    Gentle preform treatment

    The sterilisation of the preforms hardly leaves any residues: This is because the surface enlarges by many times and the residues of the sterilisation medium are diluted accordingly.

    High availability

    The entire block is in production for 168 hours non-stop and only two and a half hours later is ready to start again.

    Proof of safety

    In the proof of concept, the AseptBloc DN has proven that it meets the requirements of the FDA criteria for filling low-acid products.

    Microbiological safety

    During the operation, the system does not consume any water. Therefore, microbiological organisms have no living space whatsoever.

    Slim peripherals

    The block does not need any sterile UHT nor a hygiene centre.

    Pinpoint production

    Filling to the last drop: The system uses the remaining product quantity in order to calculate exactly how many more PET containers and caps are still to be sterilised.

    Fully-automatic change-over

    Handling parts change-over at the filler and the capper can be performed up to a defined output without any manual interference. 

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