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Hot-filling in panel-free PET bottles

    Hot-filling with nitrogen pressurisation

    Handling panel-free PET bottles

    Interested in filling hotfill products into PET bottles with greater cost-efficiency? And improving their appearance into the bargain? Of course you are! After all: Hotfill drinks in PET bottles are an expensive luxury where bottle weight and process costs are concerned. And the bottles' panel design is hardly a sight to behold.

    Optimise your production costs in the hotfill process by using panel-free PET bottles. With the Krones NitroHotfill process you will not only reduce the material costs for your preforms. A higher station output on the blow moulder and a lower energy requirement will also have a notable impact on your budget. But that's not all: Bottle appearance limitations are now a thing of the past, replaced by full freedom of design without any panel compensation areas.

    Raise your hotfilling into PET bottles to a new level.

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    All advantages at a glance

    Reduction of your material costs

    Lower bottle weights with high quality and dimensional accuracy – that's what we have to offer. Can you do without these cost advantages?

    High blowing station output

    Light-weight aluminium blow moulds open up new scope for productivity. With these moulds you can increase the output of each blowing station to 2,250 bottles per hour.

    More design for hotfill bottles

    Hotfill products with an attractive bottle appearance – and none of the panel faces previously needed for technical reasons – have an impact. Consumers receive glasslook bottles – also with attractive wrap-around labelling.

    Fast product changeover

    With aluminium blow moulds it is possible to use quick-change systems to help change the format: Only the mould shell and base mould need to be replaced. Plus: the operator benefits from shorter changeover times.

    Tapping energy reserves

    The simple technology of the standard stretch blow moulding process for producing the hotfill bottles reduces the energy requirement – by around 40 percent.

    Stable during transportation and storage

    High dimensional stability is required for the further processing of the NitroHotfill bottles. Stabilised by internal pressure, the bottles are robust during processing, perfect for stacking in packs, and stable in refrigerated shelves or automatic dispensing machines.

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