Krones Modulpal
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Single-column palletising robot

    Palletising system in a modularised concept

    Versatile robot for many applications

    The Modulpal series of robots offer you a wealth of possibilities when palletising. You can individually combine each of the modules to suit your requirements. And once installed, the Modulpal can even be adapted to suit future changes in the line layout or range of tasks without any complications. And despite their extreme versatility, the compact single-column robots require only a small amount of space – just like the motto: maximum freedom with minimum constraints.
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    Load (kg)

    Output (cycles/h) Non-returnables* / returnables

    Working range Horizontal movement/pivoting area

    Vertical movement (mm)

    Modulpal 2AC 300 400/–––    
    Modulpal 2A 700 360/500 3.400 mm  
     Modulpal 3A 550 360/500 ± 110° max. 6.000
     Modulpal 3AR 700 360/500 360°  
    Modulpal 1A 700 400/–––    

    *) Output information given does not include layer pad handling


    Your benefits

    Freedom to combine

    All components can be flexibly combined depending on the planned range of tasks.

    Handling of heavy bearing loads

    The supporting installations have been designed for carrying heavy loads of up to 700 kg.

    Easy maintenance and noise protection

    When compared to the common chain systems, the integrated belt drive technology offers distinct advantages in terms of maintenance and noise emission.

    High dynamics and precision

    The servomotor drive system for the axes allows highly dynamic movements and maximum accuracy for repetition during palletisation.

    Saving potential

    If combined with the Robobox grouping station, an external distribution and turning system is omitted.

    Flexibility and versatility

    The standardised gripper head dimensions allow for flexible change-over to new patterns or pallets.

    Cost efficiency

    The modular design allows very economic stock-keeping of spare parts if several models are used.

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