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    A second chance for food

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    02. August 2023
    1:30 min.

    Don’t throw it away – take it home! The System Logistics “Take away” campaign saves left-over canteen meals from the waste bin. 

    2nd August 2023 is an important watershed because it is this year’s Earth Overshoot Day. It marks the date in 2023 when humankind’s consumption of natural resources has reached the quantities that the Earth can generate in a year.

    We have a general need for resources, and there is nothing we can do about that. But we can certainly do something about the quantities that we consume and – more importantly – that we throw away unused. That starts in our everyday lives because every piece of food that ends up in the waste bin contributes towards bringing Earth Overshoot Day forward. It is precisely for this reason that every one of us is called upon to show maximum responsibility in our consumption habits.

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    Tasting just as good at home: meals left over in the canteen

    Krones’ subsidiary System Logistics has taken this dilemma to heart and, together with its catering firm, has launched the “Take Away” campaign, which offers a pragmatic solution to the problem of daily food wastage. It enables employees to buy the meals left over in the canteen after lunch at a reduced price and take them home. The campaign was launched in September 2022 and has been very well received by staff. 

    02. August 2023
    1:30 min.

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