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    As good as new: professionally remanufactured pumps

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    The Ampco Pumps Company has been part of the Krones Group since spring 2023 and can draw upon more than 70 years of experience in the pump business.

    Abrasive products may wear out the stainless steel parts of a circumferential piston pump during its service life. If such wear causes the tight clearances between the body, cover and rotors to open up, the pump will no longer be able to work efficiently, which usually means it has to be replaced – unless it is reconditioned by Ampco Pumps.

    The remanufacturing program provided by the Krones subsidiary offers an affordable, sustainable alternative to buying a new pump. In the remanufacturing process, Ampco can re-machine a slightly larger cavity in the worn body and cover and then mate them with slightly larger rotors to achieve “like new” tolerances and performance. In other words: The worn-out pump sent to Ampco for a makeover can now no longer be distinguished from a new one, both in terms of visual appearance and hydraulic efficiency.


    How exactly does the program work?

    To start with, customers send their worn-out pump to Ampco to be assessed. Ampco completely dismantles and meticulously examines it. If it is suitable for remanufacturing – which is usually the case – the customer gets a corresponding quotation. It takes just two weeks after receipt of the order to rebuild the pump and return it to its owner accompanied by a new one-year factory warranty. Customers thus save 30 per cent of the costs for a new pump – regardless of the pump’s manufacturer. That is because Ampco is able to remanufacture not only their own products but also the circumferential piston pumps of its most important competitors.

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    As good as new: Hard to believe it’s the same pump – That’s what it looked like when it was sent to Ampco (right) and here it is (left) after remanufacturing.

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