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    econsense: we’re in!

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    19. June 2023
    1:55 min.

    Competitive behaviour and climate protection? That doesn't go together. Our sustainability strategy focuses on cooperation – not only within the Group, but also beyond.

    If we are to succeed in turning the vision of a sustainable economy into reality, every one of us must do our part. The big ecological and social problems of our time affect all sectors and regions. What we now need in order to solve them is comprehensive collaboration backed by a proactive resolve to put our planet’s long-term future before short-term vested interests.

    More teamwork for better results

    “Sustainability is hard work. The larger the number of people that pull together, the sooner and faster they will be able to make a difference,” comments Martina Birk, Head of CRD Sustainability at Krones. She goes on to say: “Everything we’ve achieved so far in pursuit of our sustainability strategy has been the result of teamwork – not only internally but also with other companies and partners.” So it is only logical that Krones is keen to expand its sustainability network. That is why we joined econsense in early April. This is a cross-sectoral network comprising more than 45 of the German economy’s leading global players, including Biontech, PUMA and BASF. econsense provides them with a platform for exchanging and transferring practical knowledge in the fields of reporting, climate, supply chains and sustainable finance. “We are looking forward to contributing our own sustainability-related know-how to the relevant working groups and to learning from the experience gained by the other members,” says Martina Birk. 

    Sustainability is hard work. The larger the number of people that pull together, the sooner and faster they will be able to make a difference. Erwin HächlMartina BirkHead of CRD Sustainability

    By the way: The Krones Group draws on the sustainability-related knowledge and experience not only of econsense but also of other similar associations and initiatives. For example, we are a member of the UN Global Compact, the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform, and the „Business Ambition for 1.5°C“ campaign. To create transparency for customers, investors and analysts, we also participate in recognized rating and audit formats: In 2022, Krones was given a B rating by CDP in the categories of climate change and water security, and its EcoVadis Scorecard won a silver medal.

    19. June 2023
    1:55 min.

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