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    Enthusiasm for e-mobility

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    25. September 2023
    1:45 min.

    Get in, try it out! A roadshow stopping at the Rosenheim, Raubling and Nittenau plants helped to familiarise staff with electric cars.

    Electric vehicles are key to climate-friendly mobility all around the globe and an important constituent of Krones’ roadmap to reducing the group’s emissions. It has been possible to book electric cars for business trips at several of the company’s German facilities since April 2023.

    There’s a snag, though: All those who’ve not yet been able to gain some experience with an electric car may hesitate to use one. In order to reduce precisely such inhibitions, the Travel and Mobility Management team of Krones AG joined forces with their partner Sixt to put together a roadshow aimed at familiarising the employees of Krones AG with electro-mobility and fanning their enthusiasm for this zero-emission form of transport.

    The event stopped at the Rosenheim, Raubling and Nittenau plants, answering such questions as “What do you have to bear in mind when driving an electric car?” and “And how does charging work?” with demonstrations on various vehicle models.

    Image 37420
    The roadshow provided Krones staff with an opportunity to get in and drive different electric vehicles.

    Moreover, the employees had an opportunity to test-drive the cars in a relaxed setting. “The roadshow alleviated my initial scepticism. I thought it was essential for our colleagues not to be afraid to tackle the matter and try out an electric car themselves,” says Oliver Grober, a member of the Rosenheim Works Council. Bernhard Diener from Packaging Technology is also full of praise: “From charging right through to opening and starting the cars: All my questions were fully answered.” And here’s what he recommends to people who are concerned about insufficient charging capacities to make sure they are relaxed upon arrival: “Simply avoid the rush hour and if necessary use fast charging stations.”

    The plants in Rosenheim, Raubling and Neutraubling each have their own infrastructure for charging electric cars, operated with 100 per cent green power. Next up is Nittenau.

    Image 37419
    The roadshow in Rosenheim attracted particularly huge crowds.
    25. September 2023
    1:45 min.

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