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    Fostering biodiversity on our company premises

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    24. June 2024
    1:45 min.

    In collaboration with the beekeepers at Zukunftbienen, the municipality of Wackersdorf and the Landcare Association of the district of Schwandorf, System Logistics GmbH has planted a large wildflower meadow for pollinators on its property in Wackersdorf, providing a home to two colonies of bees.

    “It was important to us that we use part of our land intentionally to support species conservation and promote biodiversity,” explains Christina Fischer of System Logistics, who spearheaded the project. “Several of our employees got actively involved,” says a gratified Bernhard Reitberger, Managing Director of System Logistics GmbH. They planted a hedge of insect and bee-friendly bushes around the perimeter of the new meadow and also built a bug hotel. The beekeepers at Zukunftbienen, an organisation that aims to ensure the continued survival of bees, then set up hives and brought in two colonies of bees.

    Image 40152
    Two colonies of bees have found a new home at System Logistics.

    Regular maintenance

    “We finished our work in mid-April. Since then, it has been incredible to watch so many insects and bees visiting and pollinating the flowers,” says Tim Janssen, head of procurement at System Logistics. He expressed his gratitude to the municipality of Wackersdorf for its support in planning the bee pasture, emphasizing that “they provided a great deal of expertise.” Since 2014, the municipality of Wackersdorf has been maintaining designated pollinator zones, the largest of which covers a total area of 18 square kilometers along the Industriestrasse road. 

    Image 40153
    A part of the project team together with Wackersdorf’s mayor Thomas Falter (left); the System Logistics team (from left): Bernhard Reitberger, Christina Fischer, Tim Janssen, Stefan Fink and Hubert Weikmann

    And even though the small slice of nature on the System Logistics site has already developed a life of its own, “It’s not entirely hands off,” as Tim Janssen explains. “The meadow and the surrounding pollinator habitat require regular maintenance. We take care of that and any re-seeding as needed.” The two bee colonies are managed by the expert beekeepers at Zukunftbienen.

    24. June 2024
    1:45 min.

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