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    Mission Net Zero

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    30. April 2024
    1:50 min.

    Krones has delivered on an important promise to the climate action organization Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). The group had committed itself to developing a science-based net-zero emission target. This has now been released and is being systematically put into practice.

    In early April, the Executive Board announced that the Krones Group will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2040 – along the entire value chain.


    The net-zero target not only rounds off Krones’ climate strategy, it also gives it additional momentum. Martina Birk, Head of Sustainability at Krones, explains why: “Our decision represents the end of a comprehensive review of all the sustainability targets we’d set ourselves. This revealed that we also have to specify more stringent targets for the medium term up to 2030.”

    That applies particularly to the emissions in the upstream and downstream supply chains (Scope 3). The reduction target specified in our previous climate strategy was 25 per cent compared to the base year 2019, however it has now been raised to 30 per cent. For Scopes 1 and 2 (covering in-house emissions), the 80-per-cent reduction target remains unchanged.

    In view of the latest forecasts issued by climate researchers, each and every one of us needs to know that our planet has reached a dangerous turning point. As far as climate change is concerned, all of us – businesses, politicians, individuals – are in this together. Even now it is still possible to protect the conditions necessary to ensure humankind’s continued existence, and we must therefore take the chance while we still can. Erwin HächlChristoph KlenkCEO

    More stringent targets in all fields of ESG

    It was not just climate-relevant goals that were scrutinized and updated in our review, we also re-examined every one of our sustainability targets. There are now twelve quantitative (unambiguous and measurable) goals to be reached by 2030 in the three ESG areas: Environmental, Social, Governance. We will, of course, continue to report in our blog on the measures taken and the progress made in this context. So why not check back with us from time to time – it will definitely be worth your while!

    30. April 2024
    1:50 min.

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