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    Trees as rewards

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    04. September 2023
    1:15 min.

    It’s a competition that benefits everyone: is rewarding the achievement of order intake targets by planting trees.

    For several years now, leadership have run a number of internal challenges under names like “Krolympics” or “ World Cup”. The idea is simple: The branch with the best order intake performance wins a prize. In the past, the prizes have usually been physical items, like a 3D printer.

    But this year, Global eBusiness, the department responsible for, decided to take a different approach. In keeping with Krones’ new vision: “Solutions beyond tomorrow”, the team asked themselves how they could use the competition to contribute to sustainability worldwide. The answer: a tree-planting campaign.

    Global eBusiness has teamed up with the company Treedom, a social enterprise that enables individuals and organizations to arrange for trees to be planted in distant parts of the world and follow the project online. The company now plants trees in the global south whenever a Krones branch meets its monthly targets for order intake through So far, 650 trees will be planted as a result of the program in 2023. This year’s challenge is, therefore, a win-win, benefitting both Krones and the environment. The challenge not only incentivizes the regions to achieve their targets, for an economic impact. It also contributes to protecting the environment.

    What this campaign does:

    • Carbon sequestration
    • Promoting and maintaining biodiversity
    • Fighting soil erosion and desertification
    • Direct financing of small farmers and agricultural cooperatives
    • Training, new career prospects and alternative income sources
    • Community empowerment through active participation
    04. September 2023
    1:15 min.

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