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    Welcome to the new Krones magazine

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    20. July 2021
    2:50 min.
    Your online platform with news from the Krones universe: Ongoing customer projects, technological innovations and a glimpse behind the scenes at Krones.

    • As we tackled our new concept, it quickly emerged: Anyone entering “Krones magazine” in their browser will obviously be passed to the “Krones magazine” – no matter which language is then chosen to read it.

    Transferring our customer magazine to the online world - This idea had been going through the heads of our editorial team for quite some time. But that is something easier said than done because it is by no means as easy as you might think to discontinue the printed magazine after 33 years. Still the relevant decision was taken in the autumn of 2020, and we have been working flat out on our new format since then.

    Stop! Calm down right now, all of you who have been faithful readers of the previous printed version: We will, of course, continue our reports from the field with exciting stories about projects successfully completed with clients all around the globe and our presentations of new technological solutions developed by Krones and its subsidiaries. It goes without saying that we will also keep a close eye on the big picture in future, illuminating ongoing trends in the food and beverage industries. There is one difference, though – we will do this not only four times a year in a printed magazine but continuously on an online platform. 

    But there is a lot more waiting for you! In future, we will look not only at shopfloor reality in the Krones magazine but also at what is going on behind the scenes and combine the topics from our customer magazine with those of our blogs, the YouTube channel and live reports from events – in short: all the stories from the Krones universe.

    To this end, we have “moved” some of our blog authors to work with us here. For the blogs and all other topics, you will in future be given the face behind the text you’re reading. 

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    New content at regular intervals

    To start with, we have compiled a “Best of recent years” selection for you. There are more than 100 articles on projects successfully completed with clients all over the world and on our latest innovations, plus part of last year’s most popular blog articles, for you to peruse even now. 

    But don’t worry – numerous new topics are also waiting to be published. So you are cordially invited to drop in here at our Krones magazine, not only today but on a regular basis. Several times a week, we will provide you with exciting stories from the Krones universe. So why not bookmarking in your browser right now?

    Fun Fact: Krones magazin vs. Krones magazine

    It is just a small detail, which you will notice only when you eagle-eyed the lettering at the top of the magazine website – and even then only when you have so far read the German or Spanish edition of our magazine. In these two languages, the title lettering read “Krones magazin” whereas it was “Krones magazine” in English and Chinese.

    As we tackled our new concept, it quickly emerged: Anyone entering “Krones magazine” in their browser will obviously be passed to the “Krones magazine” – no matter which language is then chosen to read it.

    We’re keen to get your feedback!

    Those of you who know Krones also know that we place great store by a constructive dialogue and an exchange of views with you. You see, only when we know whether you like what you are reading will we be able to match the magazine’s content and topics even better to your expressed interests.

    So please don’t hesitate to simply send us an email to or visit our social media channels – we are always pleased to receive your comments and feedback on our posts and stories on LinkedIn, Instagram and Co.

    Well then – I won’t keep you any longer. All of us here on the editorial team hope you will enjoy your trek of discovery through the new Krones magazine – and are, of course, looking forward to welcoming you more often in future!

    Let’s look back on the past of the Krones magazine

    • The Krones magazine has been around for more than 33 years – to be precise since September 1987, back then still in newspaper format. Following a major relaunch, the first magazine in its current format appeared in February 2000, and 87 booklets have followed since then. 
    • Most recently, the Krones magazine was issued four times a year, in German, English, Spanish and Chinese. We had to cancel only one issue: in 2020, there was no Number 3 magazine, due to travel restrictions in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.
    • Every issue had a print run of around 35,000 copies that were either sent by mail to our clients and all other subscribers in over 160 different countries worldwide or laid out at the Krones stands at the various exhibitions for people to take home with them.
    • Over the past 21 years, we have published more than 2,800 articles in total, most of them focusing on reference projects at clients’ sites all over the world and the latest technological highlights developed by Krones.
    • The Krones magazine is a genuine globetrotter. Since 2000, we have paid visits to just under 550 customers in a total of 69 different countries, the largest of them being Russia and the smallest Malta, the island nation in the Mediterranean.
    • What we brought back home with us were not only exciting stories and interviews but also a huge number of photos, showing the Krones machines and lines in actual operation. In 20 years that has added up to quite an impressive amount of photos, approximately 36,000 to be precise.
    20. July 2021
    2:50 min.

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