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    Multi-functional clamping starwheel for all common glass formats

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    23. August 2022
    3:50 min.
    Thanks to the MultiGuide Base, lengthy format change-over times for glass fillers and closers have been consigned to history.
    • The MultiGuide Base multi-functional clamping starwheel cuts the time needed for a format change-over by about an hour.

    Krones has developed a variable-size clamping starwheel which can effortlessly handle all common glass bottle formats. Not only does this save valuable time during change-overs, it also reduces storage space for parts.

    Changing a line over to a different type or format usually entails quite a bit of work. Besides replacing containers, labels and closures, the bottle guides or handling parts incorporated in every machine either have to be height-adjusted or entirely replaced. Thanks to a component recently developed by the Krones filling technology team, significantly less work steps will be needed for changing over the filler and closer in future.

    An authentic allrounder

    The new multi-functional clamping starwheel MultiGuide Base can be used both as a transfer and as a closer starwheel. It does away with the need for manual intervention during format change-overs. That is because it has been designed to grip tightly all commonly used glass-bottle sizes and formats. It is even able to handle an extremely diverse bottle portfolio ranging from 0.2-litre beer bottles right up to large water bottles holding more than one litre, for example, without any problems.

    A clever aspect is the design of the swivelling clamps: Since the top and bottom clamps can be opened independently of each other, it is possible to grip bottles with widely varying diameters. This means that even heavily contoured bottles with differences of up to 45 millimetres between the head and neck sections are no problem for the MultiGuide Base.

    Brochure MultiGuide Base

    As is only fitting for an authentic allrounder, the MultiGuide Base has been available for a large number of different machine sizes right from its launch, covering the entire spectrum from the small output range of 15,000 containers per hour up to high-speed throughputs of 66,000 glass bottles an hour.

    A typical filling set-up comprising a Moduljet rinser, a Modulfill HES filler and two Modulcap closures features seven transfer starwheels and two closer starwheels, all of which can be implemented in the MultiGuide Base version. To put that in perspective: A brewery filling several different glass formats for this set-up would very quickly need a three-digit number of conventional handling parts.

    Image 29651
    Only nine clamping starwheels are required for the rinser, filler and two closers in this typical set-up.


    The biggest benefits

    One considerable advantage is the significantly enhanced hygiene levels which the multi-functional clamping starwheels provide in the filling zone. As the need for all manual operator interventions has been completely eliminated, the risk of possible contamination in the filling and closing areas is correspondingly minimised.

    The MultiGuide Base also scores highly in terms of time savings – which are twofold: Replacing conventional handling parts on the filler can take anything up to an hour, which the operators can now spend doing something else. And if an individual clamp should need to be replaced, this can be done in about a minute, requiring no fine-tuning.

    No change-over work also means no additional handling parts – so that the space that would be needed for parts trolleys, etc. can now be used otherwise.

    The substantially reduced change-over times provide yet another important advantage for overall line performance. The arithmetic is simple: Each hour of change-over time saved means an additional hour of production time. And since the filler is the line’s reference machine, this has a major impact on the line’s maximum performance per production day – resulting in an increase in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

    Image 29238
    The MultiGuide Base makes sure no more manual interventions are needed to the transfer and closer starwheels during change-overs.

    The MultiGuide Base also earns high marks in regard to sustainability because its clamps are made of high-grade plastic and are therefore completely recyclable. So when the clamping starwheels are scheduled to be replaced by new ones due to usual wear and tear, they are not simply disposed of but can be fully recycled in a value-creation process and re-used for producing new clamping starwheels.

    Also available as retrofit

    The MultiGuide Base has been available as an optional extra for new machines since early 2022. But companies which already operate a Krones glass filler and closer in their production line can also benefit from MultiGuide Base. Just get in touch with your contact person at Krones Lifecycle Service or fill in this contact form. Together, we can then check whether it is possible to use the MultiGuide Base in your production line.

    The MultiGuide Base can also be retrofitted to existing glass lines.
    23. August 2022
    3:50 min.

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