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    New multi-purpose heat exchanger module from Evoguard

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    27. April 2022
    1:50 min.
    The new module of the Evotube family effortlessly handles not only heating and cooling jobs but also CIP processes and can be integrated into any line.
    • The standard Evotube modules from the PW family are suitable for a multiplicity of products exhibiting different flow behaviours, such as juices and milk- or plant-based drinks.

    Evoguard’s heat exchanger systems provide gentle and microbiologically safe heating of sensitive beverages. The Evotube family has now been expanded to include a new module that can be used not only for the familiar applications but is also exceptionally well suited for CIP systems.

    Heat exchanger modules manufactured in-house have for years now been integrated into Krones systems like the VarioFlash pasteurisers or the VarioAsept UHT systems. However, since their use is not restricted to Krones equipment, they have since 2020 also been available as individual components under the name of Evotube.

    The modules offered are a worthwhile option for process technology integrators and plant manufacturers all over the globe whose engineering teams are looking to incorporate efficient heat exchangers with a low thermal product impact in their heating systems. In opting for individual components from the Evotube family, they acquire the core of Krones’ heat exchangers and benefit from the group’s decades of experience in plant manufacture and engineering.

    Evotube PW

    The standard Evotube modules from the PW family are suitable for a multiplicity of products exhibiting different flow behaviours, such as juices and milk- or plant-based drinks both with and without particles or fibres. They work on the “product/water” principle. Their patented cross-corrugated tubes break up the laminar boundary layer in the product flow, thus ensuring high turbulence and efficient product treatment.

    Article 28201
    The new compact Evotube U heat exchanger module is above all excellently suited for use in CIP systems.

    New multi-purpose Evotube module

    Evoguard now presents a new variant multi-purpose Evotube U heat exchanger module is excellently suited for use in CIP systems, but can be deployed just as well for heating or cooling process water and for non-aseptic product applications. The advantage: A large heat exchanger surface area ensures effective heat transfer. The module itself, with a length of 2,097 millimetres, is very compactly dimensioned.

    Evotube U scores no less highly with regard to installation, cleaning and operational reliability:

    • The sturdy jacket tube permits safe installation in any mounting position. 
    • The design of the sliding joint was based on Evoguard’s valve technology and permits leakproof operation.
    • The hygienic design reduces dead spaces, so it is easy to clean all surfaces coming into contact with the product.

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    27. April 2022
    1:50 min.

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