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    Craft Brewers Conference®

      Craft Brewers Conference: World Class Solutions for the North American Brewer

      April 8 – 11, 2019 in Denver, CO

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      Booth #14003


      It’s no secret that the CBC BrewExpo is a fantastic place for brewers to meet with Krones and learn about the latest and greatest in brewing technology. As in previous years, the event will be THE chance for manufacturers, brewers and beer-lovers to get together and share their passion for high quality beer. And the Krones booth #14003 will be THE place to see the latest offerings for the North American market. As your brewing partner, Krones will be exhibiting together with Sprinkman, Evoguard and Syskron and will be showing solutions specially tailored to the wants and needs of craft brewers.

      Flexible Offerings, Local Support, Now Made in the USA

      Joining forces with Sprinkman allows us to meet North American brewers needs better than ever before. We are looking forward to showcasing our extended portfolio and bringing understanding to our new motto – Made in the USA, Powered by German Engineering.

      Preview – What to expect at this year’s Krones booth:

      Compact and powerful for breweries with brew sizes of up to 100 hectolitres
      CombiCube Brewhouse

      This 10-bbl, 3-vessel brewing system was built by Sprinkman to fulfill the needs of Smylie Brothers Brewing Co. The semi-automated system surrounding the stainless steel, diamond plate work platform includes a mash mixer, lauter tun, combo kettle/whirlpool, with 30-bbl hot liquor tank and dual stage wort cooler. The cellar tanks that will accompany the brewhouse consist of 10 each of both 10-bbl fermenters and brite beer tanks. Made entirely in the USA, this is Smylie Brothers’ second brewhouse manufactured by Sprinkman, and it will anchor their new location near Wrigley Field in Chicago.

      Sprinkman Brewing Systems
      Dry Hop Skid

      Improve the quality and efficiency of delivering dry hops from the safety of the cellar room floor. Through comparative testing, brewers have reported that due to the skid’s ability to immediately but gently break down pellets, they have been using up to 20% fewer hops to achieve similar taste profiles. In addition to hops, this cart can dose purees, fruit pieces, cocoa nibs, coffee and more. The versatile cart can also be used with CIP and other equipment.

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