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    Getting started early: Krones TechDay for kids

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    Buß- und Bettag (Day of Repentance and Prayer) is a public holiday in Bavaria, which presents working parents with a childcare problem year after year. To combine the necessary with the useful, the TechDay for kids was brought into being in Krones AG.

    On the Day of Repentance and Prayer on 22 November, a very special activity was arranged for the offspring of Krones workers in the Neutraubling, Rosenheim and Nittenau plants: With no schools open that day, the local training centres offered a childcare programme in the morning in which the next generation were also able to get to know the wide range of technology at Krones. “It was a great opportunity to ease the burden on our workforce while at the same time giving their own children an insight into a vocational career path,” says Björn Brendemühl, an industrial-technical training manager.

    Invitation to discover hidden talent

    With that in mind, a wide-ranging but age-appropriate TechDay programme was put on for almost 100 schoolchildren between the ages of eight and 15. “What we wanted to do was present the great variety of issues that we in the technical training department deal with,” says Björn Brendemühl, explaining the concept behind the taster day. Following a tour through the premises of the local training centre and the Academy, the inquisitive youngsters were split into age groups – just like in school – so they could get to know the various technical fields, such as electrical engineering, metal engineering and information technology.

    Depending on the location, two to four stations were prepared at which the groups could take turns going on a journey of discovery for the whole morning in the company of apprentices and trainers. “The TechDay consisted of playfully designed elements aimed at introducing the kids to various technical subjects and also breaking down individual barriers and preconceptions about individual job profiles,” Björn Brendemühl adds. Ample time was made available at every station for the skilled workers of the future to engage with what was on offer, at their own pace and according to their own particular interests. “The coolest one was the electrics station, but the VR goggles were also interesting,” reported nine-year-old Felix.

    Added value for everyone

    The TechDay was an interesting experience for the apprentices, too. “It was great fun explaining things, because the children listened well, asked a lot of questions and really showed an interest,” says Joel, who took up an apprenticeship at Krones on the back of a placement. His fellow apprentice Ahmed has a similar opinion: "It's definitely a nice learning experience and the children are interested. And I think it's good that they get an insight into our work." Krones Occupational Health Management ensured plenty of variety between the individual learning blocks, with two breaks giving the diligent next generation an opportunity to improve their own cognitive perception and speed of reaction through a range of exercises, for instance. This meant that health aspects were not neglected amid the general enthusiasm for the technical side of things.

    It was a great opportunity to ease the burden on our workforce while at the same time giving their own children an insight into a vocational career path. Erwin HächlBjörn BrendemühlIndustrial-technical training manager

    Looking back on a successful day, Björn Brendemühl says: “As trainers and employers, we nowadays have to get in touch with our potential future trainees and employees far earlier than used to be the case. With this in mind, the TechDay was also an excellent opportunity for us to draw the attention of our employees' children to Krones now, who might then ideally want to follow their mum or dad and do an apprenticeship at Krones.” It all seemed to go down well with the kids: “I want to do the same as my dad does,” announced Felix proudly. The TechDay concept thus gives the term ‘the Krones family’ a whole new and enriching aspect.

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