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    Krones receives an “A-“ in the CDP rating

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    20. February 2024
    1:55 min.

    The latest CDP scores that were published in early February show that Krones has achieved yet another substantial improvement in the globally recognised sustainability rating.

    Ratings and awards are often a tricky thing because every organisation, every jury, every panel of experts sets its own substantive key issues, focusing on specific aspects and ignoring others. A few less disputed sustainability ratings like EcoVadis or CDP have meanwhile made a name for themselves. The latter is regarded as the world’s most prestigious environmental-impact rating across all sectors and enjoys an excellent reputation everywhere. So it is all the more gratifying that Krones was able to improve its CDP rating for the third time in a row and has now received the second-best score, “A-“, in the crucial category of climate change.

    The sustainability team, who are responsible for coordinating all our groupwide efforts to combat climate change and report on this issue to the management team and the executive board at regular intervals, were thrilled with the “A-“ result. But they had in fact already expected it to some extent, not least by reason of the CDP rating’s high level of transparency. After all, the ambitious climate strategy that Krones has been pursuing since 2020 has been bearing more fruit every year. Its effects can be felt throughout the group and also in our business relationships with vendors and customers who are also putting more and more emphasis on collaborating and extending their efforts to combat climate change beyond company boundaries.

    Incentivised to do even better

    The latest CDP rating covered more than 25,000 organisations all around the globe. Only 346 of them worldwide scored better than Krones in the climate change category and made the CDP’s A List. Yet another incentive to move up a gear in our own efforts. In the CDP rating for water security, likewise a field of major importance for our group, we kept the “B” score achieved in the preceding year. Just as the EcoVadis gold medal that Krones earned last autumn, the improvement in our CDP rating is yet another proof of the fact that our “Solutions beyond tomorrow” are far more than a vision – they are our hard and fast way into a more sustainable future. 

    Why is the CDP rating of particular relevance?

    The survey responses on which the CDP scores are based are collected annually by the eponymous non-profit organisation. In order to participate in the rating, companies must collect and report their respective environmental-impact data in accordance with a prescribed standard. In the field of climate change, these include information and KPIs on CO2 emissions, climate-related risks and reduction targets. Both the data and the scores derived from them are disclosed on the CDP platform, the world’s biggest environmental database, which plays an essential role in capital investment and procurement decision-making. The latest CDP rating covered more than 25,000 organisations all around the globe. 

    20. February 2024
    1:55 min.

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