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    Net zero: How can that be achieved?

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    26. July 2023
    1:45 min.

    We will have to reach our current targets for reducing CO2 emissions by 2030. And what then? We will carry on! Because our contribution towards achieving the 1.5°C goal laid down in the Paris Agreement will only be fulfilled once we have attained net zero and maintained it on a lasting basis.

    All well and good, but is there actually a plan mapping out how to succeed in implementing this ambitious project? Yes, there is – and it has now been published so that everyone interested can read it. Following the recommendations given by CDP, an organisation setting the framework and standards for sustainability disclosure, we have drawn up a Public Carbon Transition Plan (PCTP) which summarises all relevant information on climate protection at Krones. It starts with the action already being taken and its results. It goes on to look at climate-relevant risks and their likelihood and then maps out our further plans for the short and medium term.

    Our points of reference

    Transparent and verifiable communication is essential if we are to bring about effective change regarding sustainability. That is why the Krones Carbon Transition Plan takes both the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the requirements laid down for reporting by objective organisations like the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) and TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure) as its points of reference.

    All of Krones’ communication options and platforms are open invitations to enter into a dialogue with us, but that is particularly true for the PCTP. Customers, employees, suppliers, politicians or the general public – Protecting the climate is in everyone’s interest. We are all responsible for doing our part, we are facing this mammoth task together. In order to accomplish it, we must be willing and prepared to take a long, hard and critical look at our own activities and submit them to public scrutiny. The same is true for the question at the top: Is our plan for reaching the net-zero target feasible? Does it promise success? We believe it does! But precisely because we are so convinced our climate strategy will work, we are all the more pleased to hear further views on this, to read your ideas and receive thought-provoking input from you. Either through social media or in a direct mail to We greatly welcome your feedback – and will be sure to answer each message.

    26. July 2023
    1:45 min.

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