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    Digital solutions for your entire production sequence
    Digital solutions for your entire production sequence

      Digitalization: a new level of efficiency

      You are sure to have often asked yourself: how could digital technology change my production process? Krones has the answer: It reduces the workload for you and your team, structures processes more simply and efficiently and ultimately helps you to not only save time and resources, but also to fundamentally improve your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). And, just like an all-round partner should, Krones delivers this answer both in theory and in practice: in the form of digital solutions for your entire production sequence.

      As a systems supplier, we are very familiar with the beverage and food industry, and this over many decades. We know the processes, we know the current challenges and, above all, we know every module in the production lines. And this knowledge pays off one hundred percent when it comes to getting more from your production with the aid of digital solutions.

      Whether you are explicitly interested in individual digital solutions, require ideas for changes at machine level or would like to address the topic of digitalization to have an overview of the entire production process – we have the right offer for every requirement.

      For your entire production

      We have just the right solutions ready for all of you currently tinkering with ideas for a comprehensive digitalization strategy for your corporation: The Krones Ecosystem opens up all opportunities for a networked production process – and Krones accompanies you on your path to your digital future.

      It's your choice: Digital Services from Krones - in the Cloud or on-premise

      The advantages of the Cloud

      • Connected directly to the Krones Ecosystem: You will increase the performance of your line by using and learning from your collected production data.
      • Use licence instead of software purchase: Benefit from significant cost advantages, also as they can utilise the solutions across multiple lines and plants.
      • Using a subscription model: Receive regular automatic updates and upgrades with new features.

      Advantages of on-premise

      • Profiting from experience: You are relying on a proven system which has been used on the market for many years and which contains a correspondingly large number of sophisticated functions.
      • Completely in your hands: You buy the software and install it in your own data processing centre. This way, not only is the data managed locally at your premises and by you, but the solutions can be used even without an Internet connection.
      • Individual configuration possible: Depending on the application, our software can be individually adjusted to your needs.
      Our digital services at a glance – the Krones Ecosystem has the appropriate solutions enabling you to benefit from the opportunities of tomorrow.
      Krones Digital Services

      In addition to this, it goes without saying that we can continue offering you conventional IT solutions with which you can control your sequences and processes – and thus simplify your production considerably.

      At machine level

      It does not always have to be the entire production environment! Krones also offers numerous possibilities to utilise digital technologies and thus reap optimisation potential.

      Optimised transfer of knowledge and support

      Apart from pure machine technology, Krones also naturally uses digital tools which also primarily simplify communication.

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