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    SitePilot Filling and Packaging
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    SitePilot Filling and Packaging

      Line Diagnostics

      What is happening in the line? Where are things not quite one hundred percent? And where are those last opportunities for reducing costs hidden? SitePilot Line Diagnostics is the perfect tool for everyone who really wants to know exactly what is going on. This software gathers all the data relating to quality, costs and performance for individual machines or complete lines and summarises the results in clear reports. This can be used for

      • carrying out complete analyses of filling and packaging processes.
      • identifying weak points and bottlenecks at a glance.
      • deciding on targeted improvements.
      • analysing operational processes and optimising them for the long term

      Benefits to you

      • Transparency
        Line Diagnostics records and logs all of the necessary status and process data of your production line.
      • Clarity
        The system translates a large amount of complex information about your line into informative indicators and enables well-founded forecasts to be developed.
      • Benchmarking
        Provides you with objective values to allow different time periods, processes and teams to be compared regarding efficiency, consumption and adherence to agreed dates.
      • Greater efficiency
        The data which is gathered can be used to systematically reveal weak points in the line and initiate countermeasures early on.
      • Usability
        The tool has a self-explanatory structure and provides both role and context-based information. The reports which are generated can be called up on any end device via web browser.

      Line Management System

      The Line Management System controls the complete filling and packaging process, starting from the order-specific definition of the production route up to pallet labelling. This is because the modular SitePilot solution provides a continuous flow of information, from the production schedule to the order for the line and the individual machine. The high degree of automation enables equipment and materials to be used as efficiently as possible. The result: high-performance production with shorter changeover times, lower material consumption and maximum availability.

      Benefits to you

      • Order-specific parameterisation of all line components, including printers and dating units
      • Lower production costs thanks to bottle or tank-level precision in production
      • High line availability with on-thefly order and batch changes
      • Prompt, automatic material call requests via connection to the warehouse management system (optional)
      • Shorter change-over and cleaning times because jobs can be bundled
      • Intelligent, order-specific routing within complex production lines
      • Feedback on actual production data and consumption
      • High process reliability thanks to operator guidance

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