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    Krones Asset Management

    Experience has shown: The service life and availability of a line depends largely on the quality of the maintenance. But when is the best time for which maintenance task? What about spare parts supply? And in which line components can problems arise? Krones Asset Management provides you with answers to these questions and other similar ones. This practical tool collects and distributes all the information you need for effective and cost-efficient maintenance management.

    The Krones Asset Management entry package gives you support in the organisation of maintenance activities and staff. This is because the tool provides you with precise information on operating hours and maintenance intervals for every single line unit. And a clever reporting system also considers all faults and adds the appropriate preventative work to the production workflow.

    For use on the shopfloor, KAM HMI integrates Krones Asset Management in the machine’s touch-screen. This allows all the required information and functions to do with maintenance management to be used right where they are needed.

    Benefits to you

    • Ideal planning of maintenance jobs
    • Clear indication of the upcoming tasks for maintenance personnel
    • Practical settings and default configurations
    • Integration of shift schedules and qualification requirements in maintenance planning
    • Rapid access to maintenance manuals and work instructions through integrated document management
    • Reliable availability of spare parts through a warehouse management system with inventory and reservation function for the currently needed parts
    • Manufacturer-independent program that integrates predefined maintenance tasks for each machine

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