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    Krones DynaScan
    Monitoring system for fermenting beer tanks DynaScan

      Botec F1 process automation

      The camera sees everything: visual inspection in the closed fermenting tank

      Best beer quality is not only a question of ingredients. Utmost attention must also be devoted to the fermentation process. This is not so easy when using cylindro-conical tanks… In the fermenting tank, it is particularly important to convert the fermentable wort extract into alcohol and CO2 and it is just as important to have a controlled build-up and decomposition of fermentation by-products at shortest possible storage times and quick yeast sedimentation.

      The visual monitoring of the fermentation process and the tank cleaning via the Krones DynaScan provides continuous information about the fermentation stage and safe cleaning of the tank.

      At a glance

      • Continuous recording of the fermentation stage and fill level inspection
      • Optimisation of the cleaning process through reductions in rinsing times
      • Connection to the Botec F1 process control system for automated process steps
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      Benefits to you

      Precise data

      The digital image processing continuously provides traceable and precise data on the process status inside the fermenting tanks. This guarantees high safety during the fermentation process and an online efficiency control for the CIP cleaning process.

      Automatic process control

      The image processing system detects significant conditions of the fermentation process and sends the respective data to the process control system for automatic process control.

      Easy inclusion of the process control system

      Thanks to the modular set-up of the image processing system, a quick integration into the existing process control system is possible. 

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