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    One of the biggest water treatment systems ever built by Krones

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    10. December 2020
    1:50 min.
    Makkah Water is modernising its main plant and has ordered an ErgoBloc L, two complete high-speed lines and a new water treatment system from Krones.
    • The Hydronomic at Makkah Water is one of the biggest water treatment system for still table water ever built by Krones.

    The water bottler Makkah Water, as part of the Saudi-Arabian Bin Zomah Group, has been an active player in the water market for more than 45 years now. The company has for this purpose already been using several complete lines and various block-configuration systems, plus a number of blow-moulders and labellers, from Krones for some time, both at the Al Janoub plant and at its main facility in Jeddah.

    Makkah Water has now decided to modernise its main plant: together with the experts from Krones’ Factory Planning Department, the bottler has been developing a concept for an all-inclusive upgrade. The order placed with Krones comprises an ErgoBloc L, plus two complete high-speed lines, in each case replacements for existing kit. The ErgoBloc and the two lines each handle 81,000 containers an hour and ensure that Makkah Water will be able to increase its production capacities.

    A peerless water treatment system

    In the Hydronomic water treatment system, the water is first of all ultrafiltrated, then passed through a reverse-osmosis unit for pre-demineralisation, and after that through an EDI (electrodeionisation) module to demineralise it completely. At the end of this process, the TDS value is less than 0.5 milligrams per litre. Subsequently, the water is remineralised as specified in the customer’s recipe. The Hydronomic at Makkah Water is one of the biggest water treatment system for still table water ever built by Krones: rated up to 3 x 110 cubic metres of water an hour, it is about three times as big as conventional systems. The Hydronomic will start operation in March 2021, with the other machines and lines scheduled for commissioning by the May 2021.


    10. December 2020
    1:50 min.

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