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    Matous for Food Industries Co.


    Entering the Libyan water market, with filling and water treatment technology from Krones

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    With a filling line and a water treatment system from Krones, Matous for Food Industries has kicked off its bottling of still water in Libya.

    The family-owned and operated Libyan company Matous for Food Industries Co. has erected a brand-new plant for filling still water. This marks the company’s beverage-sector debut. And Krones was awarded the contract for the filling line as well as the water treatment system.

    Project: Filling line for still water plus water treatment system
    Customer: Matous for Food Industries Co.
    Location: Libya
    Commissioning: Start of 2022

    Filling line rated at 45,000 containers per hour with ErgoBloc L technology

    The ErgoBloc L for the wet section of the line comprises:

    Hydronomic water treatment system for 40 cubic meters per hour, including

    • activated-carbon filter
    • ultra filtration system
    • RO reverse osmosis systems 
    • mineral dosing station
    • ozonization unit
    • Two storage tanks
    Article 35575
    The still water of the AquaSila brand is treated by a Hydronomic water treatment system with a capacity of 40 cubic meters per hour. Image credits: Matous for Food Industries Co.

    Special features:

    The line fills demineralized still water under the AquaSila brand into 0.22, 0.33, 0.50 and 1.5-liter bottles and then packs them into 2x3 and 3x4 shrink packs.

    “The ErgoBloc technology requires little space and few operators and yet offers large production capacity,” says General Manager Abdalla Turki. “Krones has an excellent reputation on the Libyan market. You get a fully integrated project, saving time and money and ensuring a good outcome. The line’s performance has been very good so far. We’re still within the warranty period, and Krones’ after-sales service has provided outstanding support during this time,” he adds.

    He’s optimistic about the future: “The projects for filling drinking water in Libya are promising since there are no other sources for drinking water and the cost of importing it is very high,” says Abdalla Turki.

    The bottle shape for 0.33 liters AquaSila has a particularly characteristic look. Image credits:

    Matous for Food Industries Co.

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