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    Volvic/Danone Water


    Volvic mineral water produced on ErgoBloc for the first time

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    08. November 2021
    2:10 min.

    For the first time, Danone Waters’ Volvic brand will be produced on a wet-end block from Krones consisting of a stretch blow-molder, labeler, and filler.

    This marks a major technology shift for the parent company of one of the world’s most recognized still water brands. Until now, Danone Waters has always had its labelers located separately from the stretch blow-molder in its European water bottling plants. After test running an ErgoBloc L last year, Danone Waters has now signed a framework agreement with Krones, to install several ErgoBloc L systems at different European sites by the end of 2023. Danone Waters chose Krones because of its “best in class” status, and three lines have already been ordered. 

    Germain  Rivaux, Global Capex Sourcing Director at Danone, says, “The arrival of the innovative ErgoBloc technology is a turning point for Danone in Europe. It reflects to an investment plan aiming to maintain a high level of competitiveness in our bottled water markets.”

    “Excellence in execution and performance are the key expectations for this technology. Beyond this investment, we see this agreement with Krones as a partnership, which will allow a better strategic alignment of our companies with the major challenges of the packaging industry, and a more intense collaboration on the technology-enabled developments to come: This includes packaging transformation, agile manufacturing, late differentiation, automated logistics, etc.”, says Germain Rivaux.

    Schnellster ErgoBloc für quadratische Formflaschen
    Danone Waters has now signed a framework agreement with Krones, to install several ErgoBloc L systems at different European sites by the end of 2023.


    Fastest ErgoBloc for square shaped bottles

    Danone Waters’ aim is to upgrade its water production capacity in Europe with improved technology to achieve higher efficiency, vertical ramp-up, lower unit cost, and better overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). At the end of 2020, Danone Waters commissioned an ErgoBloc L in one of its plants in Spain to run as a pilot. The pilot was successful, and Danone Waters expanded its order with the framework agreement in spring 2021. 

    With a rating of 56,000 1.5-liter containers per hour, Volvic’s first ErgoBloc L is also the fastest ErgoBloc for square bottles ever delivered, breaking new ground in terms of technology. In  the fourth quarter of 2022, Volvic is studying to install a second ErgoBloc L, rated at 75,000 0.5-liter PET bottles per hour.

    Project: Installation of a wet-end block
    Client: Volvic/Danone Waters
    Location:  Volvic, France
    Commissioning: March 2022
    Scope: ErgoBloc L, consisting of stretch blow-molder, labeler and filler 
    The new line in detail:

    To meet Danone Waters’ exacting quality requirements, the block has been designed to the highest standards of hygiene.

    • It contains a Prejet rotary preform rinser to ensure a higher level of cleaning.
    • Volvic places particular value on cap dedusting, with an extra long treatment time of over 0.6 seconds. For that reason, Krones is installing two units, each with twice the usual treatment time. The units use ionized air to reliably remove even the finest particles from the preforms.
    • The block is ready to accommodate the use of tethered caps in order to ensure future compliance with EU legislation and sustainability goals.


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    08. November 2021
    2:10 min.

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