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    Hardware and network configuration

    You’ve got the powerful machines. And you’ve got the clever clever software. But one crucial module is still missing before the individual components become a smart factory – the matching hardware and network technology. After all, the productivity and efficiency of production at a company is also dependent on how well the individual operational levels are interlinked. To provide you with complete support here, we can supply you with the right infrastructure to go with our SitePilot software solutions at the same time if required. Would you like to set up mobile or inter-plant communication, be able to trust in secure data transmission or be able to use remote diagnosis and maintenance? No problem: On request we will be glad to set up the relevant components such as VPN, Remote Services and WLAN.

    Industrial Ethernet network

    The Krones industrial Ethernet network links the individual machines, assemblies and corporate levels together in a network. This ensures that information always gets to wherever it is needed quickly and reliably.

    Benefits to you

    • Made-to-measure technology
      The hardware and operating systems used are individually customised to your infrastructure.
    • Stable infrastructure
      When choosing components, we look for efficient and energysaving technologies. By using redundant designs for our systems, we prevent malfunctions and failures.
    • Seamless integration
      The hardware and network technology used can be seamlessly embedded in existing IT landscapes.


    New business requirements, software trends, laws, regulations and the growing complexity of IT landscapes mean the food and beverages industry faces ever new challenges. To provide you with support, we developed concrete and demand- driven answers to all questions relating to the use and development of your IT landscape within the framework of a consulting project. On the road to achieving a powerful strategy tailored to your company, your plant, your value chain and your goals, a consulting project involves the following stages:

    • Big picture
      What does the ideal picture of a completely automated and integrated system landscape for your company or plant look like?
    • Analysis of potential
      What state is your IT landscape in specifically at the present time? And what state should it be in or what is the goal to be achieved?
    • Fit/gap analysis
      What areas of action are required and in what order in order to achieve the goal by the fastest route?
    • Masterplan
      How can the findings from the preceding stages be effectively put into practice?

    If required, the project can lead to detailed engineering, which describes all the necessary requirements individually and may lead to a concrete requirements specification.

    Benefits to you

    In a consulting project we provide you with support on …

    • aligning the individual areas of production strategically for the future.
    • finding and exploiting potential for optimisation in your operational processes.
    • precisely defining the IT landscape required for your goals and realising it down to the last detail.
    • deriving informative metrics for production controlling at your plant or company.
    • finding an IT infrastructure which actively supports your supply chain processes.

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