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    Compact-size blow-moulder/filler block

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    15. May 2020
    1:50 min.
    The Contiform Bloc BF-C is the compact, affordable block variant for still-water bottling.
    • Contiform Bloc BF-C

    The Contiform Bloc BF-C is a blow-moulder/filler block specially designed for handling still water in the lower and medium output ranges. As such, it closes a gap between the ErgoBloc L and the Contiform Bloc series. How and why? This is best explained by a brief digression through the world of Krones’ block-synchronised configurations.

    In a Contiform Bloc, different machines can be combined with each other: the basis is – as the name itself indicates – always a Contiform. But the nature, number and sequence of the machines block-synchronised with it can be chosen with relative freedom by the user. An ErgoBloc L, by contrast, always incorporates a stretch blow-moulder, a labeller, and a filler – in precisely this sequence. Because this is a characteristic feature of all ErgoBloc L systems: they first label and then fill the containers concerned.

    For bottling still water, the ErgoBloc L series already incorporates a model for the small and medium output range. This variant was quickly embraced by the market. Nonetheless applications are repeatedly encountered when producing still water in which a stand-alone blow-moulder/filler block with a separate downstream labeller offers the better solution.

    Block with a centralised brain

    In order to meet this demand as well, Krones’ engineers have developed the Contiform Bloc BF-C: as a compact-size, affordable blow-moulder/filler block, it has been specifically designed for the needs of small and mid-tier clients. At the same time, as the latest member of the Krones block family, it is technologically in the front rank. This is manifested primarily in its harmonised control system: in contrast to conventional blocks, its blow-moulder and filler do not possess separate control systems, but are, as it were, controlled by a centralised brain located in the Contiform.

    The first model of the Contiform Bloc BF-C range was built and delivered back in the summer of 2019. The Contiform Bloc BF-C was officially launched on the market early in 2020. It is available in four standard output ratings, and can be fitted at need with different, clearly defined option packages – e.g. for enhancing the block’s level of hygiene, or reducing its consumption of energy and media.

    The two still-water blocks in overview

    Contiform Bloc BF-C

    • Blow-moulder, filler
    • Four output ratings up to 55,000 containers per hour 
    • BF-C = Blowing, Filling, Compact

    ErgoBloc LM

    • Blow-moulder, labeller, filler
    • Four output ratings up to 55,000 containers per hour
    • LM = Liquid, Medium
    15. May 2020
    1:50 min.

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