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    Molkerei Berchtesgadener Land


    The Berchtesgadener Land dairy has chosen Krones to supply its filling kit for milk

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    03. February 2022
    1:35 min.
    The dairy Milchwerke Berchtesgadener Land Chiemgau eG has contracted Krones to replace the wet end of its returnable-glass line for milk.
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      Molkerei Berchtesgadener Land

    The Berchtesgadener Land dairy is a cooperative and as such above all accountable to its members – approximately 1,800 dairy farmers, of which roughly one third are organic farmers. It was to meet this obligation to its members that the cooperative decided to invest in top-quality, sustainable and safe filling technology that will retain its value for many years to come. 

    As part of its investment project, the dairy cooperative has now contracted Krones to replace the wet end of its returnable-glass line, which fills fresh milk with two fat-content levels into brown and white 1.0-litre bottles, plus cream into 0.5-litre bottles. The products are intended for sale in the cold chain.

    Project:  New wet end for milk filling
    Client:  Milchwerke Berchtesgadener Land Chiemgau e.G.
    Location: Piding, Germany
    Commissioning:  January 2022

    The wet end has been dimensioned for an output of 12,000 returnable glass bottles per hour and includes:

    •    Lavatec D double-end bottle washer
    •    Moduljet twin-channel rinser, block-synchronised with a             Modulfill NWJ filler
    •    Ergomatic labeller
    •    Checkmat EM inspector and system for inkjet date-coding

    Special features

    The dairy erected a new building, which was originally intended to accommodate filling lines for disposable cartons. But soaring demand for returnable glass prompted the decision-makers to change their plans just in time and invest in a line handling just this type of container.
    The Berchtesgadener Land dairy has remained loyal to Krones. A Krones rinser-filler block installed in 1998 and a Krones labeller have already given reliable service on its existing returnable-glass line. However, because that line was dimensioned for low output, the cooperative decided to invest in a bigger line.

    Abschnitt 2
    The Berchtesgadener Land dairy will in future use the new Krones line to fill fresh milk into 1.0-litre bottles, among other things. Image credits: Molkerei Berchtesgadener Land

    The line in detail

    The line has been designed for both longevity and microbiological safety. The bottle washer, for example, works with very long treatment times and high temperatures and jetting pressures, so as to guarantee the hygienic preconditions required for efficiently cleaning the often heavily soiled milk bottles.
    The rinser-filler block is equipped with a cleanroom roof featuring HEPA filters and an automatic foam-cleaning unit, so as to meet the highest standards of hygiene. 
    What’s more, the filler is fitted with aseptic filling valves and also with a purpose-built front table specifically designed for use in a dairy, enabling product residues to be drained into in a collecting trough.

    03. February 2022
    1:35 min.

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