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    Krones Contipure AseptBloc E
    Aseptic block with electron beam Contipure AseptBloc E

      New approaches in the sterilisation technology

      The powerful alternative

      In the beverage industry, aseptic systems are dominated by chemical processes. However, there are alternatives: When it comes to the sterilisation of preforms, the Contipure AseptBloc E relies on the force of physics and kills germs with electron beams. An innovative method with two advantages: Firstly, it is particularly effective with a reduction rate of log 6 and secondly, it places very low demands on the supply systems: Simply plug in the power cable and start!

      At a glance

      • Function: aseptic block for
        - Stretch blow moulding
        - Filling
        - Capping
      • Suitable for:
        - Low-acid and high-acid products
        - Cylindrical and square PET containers
        - Standard and lightweight containers
      • Output: up to 24,000 containers per hour
      • Technical highlight: Preform sterilisation with electron beams 
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      The design

      The design

      Benefits to you

      Powerful sterilisation technology

      Using the electron beam process, a high reduction rate of log 6 can be achieved for all beverage-relevant microorganisms. 

      Energy and media efficiency

      Contipure AseptBloc E uses a purely physical process for sterilisation. This reduces the consumption of water, chemicals and evaporation energy to a minimum when compared with conventional aseptic systems. 

      High availability

      The entire block is in production for 168 hours non-stop. Ready for use only two hours after change-overs. 

      Microbiological safety

      The system does not consume any water during operation. Therefore, there is no living space at all for microbiological organisms.

      Slim peripherals

      The block neither needs any sterile UHT nor a hygiene centre.

      Pinpoint production

      Filling to the last drop: The system uses the remaining product quantity in order to calculate exactly how many more PET containers and caps are still to be sterilised. 

      Fully-automatic change-over

      Handling parts change-over at the filler and the capper can be performed up to a defined output without any manual interference. 

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