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    First joint aseptic project in Suntory’s home country of Japan

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    An aseptic line for tea and coffee marks the beginning of a new era for Krones and Suntory: It is the first time the two companies are collaborating on a project in Japan, Suntory’s home country.
    • The CEOs of Suntory Products and Krones, Takahiro Yoshimura and Christoph Klenk, signing the contract at the Krones headquarters in Neutraubling.

    Takahiro Yoshimura, Representative Director, President & CEO of Suntory Products Limited, called it a “significant milestone”: the launch of the joint project currently underway marks Krones’ first opportunity to install an aseptic line in Suntory’s home country of Japan.

    This is not the first aseptic line Krones will have delivered to the Suntory Group, but it is indeed a very special order, as Franziska Niederhofer, Head of Key Account Suntory, explains: “We established the Suntory key account at Krones around ten years ago. And although we have done numerous projects worldwide, we’ve never delivered an aseptic line to one of Suntory’s Japanese sites until now. So, it’s all the more exciting to see it finally happen.” 

    Japanese beverage makers have exacting standards when it comes to quality and service. Therefore, the fact that Krones will be installing a line comprising a Contipure AseptBloc in Suntory’s plant next year is an enormous endorsement for the group. “We are immensely pleased to have been given the opportunity to demonstrate Krones’ capabilities, our technology and service,” says Franziska Niederhofer, adding with a distinct note of pride: “Incidentally, we are the first non-Japanese company ever to win a contract to install an aseptic line in a Suntory plant in Japan.”

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    Franz Kammerloher, Head of Key Account Heineken and Suntory, symbolically handing over a picture of the Contipure AseptBloc that will soon be producing beverages at Suntory.

    Based on many years of mutually supportive partnership

    Krones CEO Christoph Klenk also appreciates the trust that Suntory’s order demonstrates: “I have been traveling to Japan for 25 years now, and I know the high quality expectations of local beverage producers – just like Suntory. Completing this aseptic project to the customer’s complete satisfaction is a huge responsibility, which we gladly accept,” said Christoph Klenk at the contract signing in Neutraubling this past December. Yoshimura-san, Representative Director, President & CEO at Suntory Products Limited, added: “For Suntory, too, this project is a significant milestone – and we look forward to a bright future working with the entire Krones team.” He also looked ahead to the near future, indicating that “we want to establish Suntory’s global standards for aseptic production with this project – and then target further rollouts across the regions. Of course, we still have a long way to go and our progress over the next several months will be crucial – but we are confident that we will achieve our collective goals by working together closely and building upon the trust we have developed.”

    Image 39827
    The core team of the joint project together with the CEOs of both companies and those responsible for production and field service at Krones

    This joint project builds on a partnership between the two companies that goes back many years. Krones has already completed numerous projects for the Suntory Group around the world, including two aseptic blocks for France and England. Takekazu Sugimoto, Center Manager of the Global Technical Department of parent company Suntory Holding, sums it up this way: “This project is another milestone in a long-standing relationship between our two companies. Krones is an essential part of our global manufacturing process. While we may encounter challenges ahead, I am excited about the growth prospects that we can all enjoy in Japan and throughout Southeast Asia.”

    Project: First aseptic line for Suntory in Japan
    Customer: Suntory Beverage & Food
    Delivery: Summer 2025
    Location: Hyogo, Japan

    Aseptic filling line for tea and coffee with milk


    Special features:
    • In keeping with the quality expectations, Suntory and Krones agreed on a high line efficiency and a high validation rate.
    • Suntory wanted the line to be maximally automated. As such, Krones is integrating the MouldXpress Robot quick-change system into the Contiform Asept stretch blow molder and an automatic carton loading system on the Variopac Pro.
    • Moreover, Krones developed for Suntory a detailed after-sales service and training concept that will be implemented in collaboration with the Krones Thailand and Krones Japan teams. 

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