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    Heineken Malaysia expands its canning kit and brewhouse with Krones and Steinecker

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    Krones and Steinecker are progressing their successful, 30-year alliance with Heineken in Heineken Malaysia Berhad’s Sungei Way Brewery.

    The Sungei Way Brewery is located in the neighbourhood of Kuala Lumpur and works almost exclusively with process and filling technology from Steinecker and Krones.

    • For 30 years now, two Steinecker brewing lines, each with a brew size of 450 hectolitres of cast wort, have been giving reliable service there, one producing only lager beers and the other one producing stouts. The equipment installed in the cold section is also from Steinecker and consists of a production system for cider and a TFS filter line, rated at 500 hectolitres per hour, with kieselguhr filter and PVPP stabilisation. 
    • The only two filling lines – a canning line and a returnable-glass line from Krones – have been in operation at Heineken Malaysia for over 20 years. 

    Heineken is now upgrading the filling capacities with a second canning line and has commissioned Steinecker to increase the production volume of one of its two brewhouses. With the additional output, lager beers will be brewed and subsequently filled on the new canning line. Cans are at present especially popular on the Malaysian market and therefore in high demand as a beverage packaging.

    Customer: Heineken Malaysia Berhad: Sungei Way Brewery
    Location: Petaling Jaya (Selangor), Malaysia
    Commissioning:  November 2022
    Project:  New 60,000-cph canning line and brewhouse expansion
    Scope of canning line:

    The respective conveyors are manufactured at Krones Taicang in China.

    Scope of brewhouse expansion:

    Canning line with smart operator control concept

    In the contract-award process, Krones scored points with an optimised line layout and the relevant technology to take care of everything. The arena configuration chosen makes possible a smart operator control concept that ensures the best possible machine access for all the staff. A crucial contribution to achieving an optimum solution was made by a special Krones team, which developed the following solution:

    • The Pressant Universal 1A weep-off depalletiser works fully automatically and has been designed to remove both top frames and layer pads and place them in their respective magazines, and to also discharge the empty pallets into a separate magazine. 
    • Filler and pasteuriser, with 100 per cent line performance, serve as reference machines. 
    • By raising the height of paperboard insertion from the customary 300 to an operator-friendly 700 millimetres, paperboard handling in the Variopac Pro TFS packer has been optimised  to ensure better ergonomics for the operators.

    The new line will be installed in an existing warehouse and tasked to fill the local beer brands Tiger and Anchor, the malt-based drink Malta and Cider Apple Fox, but also the international Heineken and Guinness brands. The line handles 330- and 500-millilitre standard cans, plus 330-millilitre sleek cans. For filling stout, the filler has been prepared for a widget inserter.

    Brewing capacity increased

    Heineken Malaysia’s process technology expansion is focused on the brewhouse, which produces lager beer. It has so far produced eight brews a day, each with 450 hectolitres of cast wort. By installing an additional mash tun and a new wet mill and replacing the existing lauter tun, Steinecker will increase capacities to twelve brews a day. The brewery is keeping the existing wort boiler. Both lines are suitable for high-gravity brewing up to 18 degrees Plato.

    Virtual meetings and conclusion of contract

    Project completion was still overshadowed by complicated travel and residence regulations entailed by the Covid-19 pandemic. All meetings and discussions, for example, and even contract-signing with Heineken headquarters and the project’s local decision-makers, had to take place virtually. All of it went off successfully – as the project outcome shows. The commissioning will likewise be performed with virtual support.

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