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    All-in-one filling line handles PET, glass, and cans for Evian

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    29. March 2022
    1:20 min.

    Evian natural spring water from the glacial rocks of the French Alps, previously available only as still water, is now also being filled as a mineral-enhanced sparkling drink for the first time. To make that possible, Krones delivered a multi-functional, all-in-one filling line for PET containers, cans and glass bottles.

    Evian intends to use the line to produce new beverages with novel flavor combinations for an urban market and for special points of sale, such as events, concerts, or beach kiosks. Examples include grapefruit and basil, enhanced with magnesium and zinc, cucumber-peppermint or raspberry-ginseng – all with zero calories and without added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

    Project: Line for PET containers, glass bottles, and cans
    Customer: Evian
    Location: Publier, France
    Commissioning:  March 2021

    The line is designed to produce between 18.000 and 30.000 containers per hour for various formats and sizes, such as 0.33-liter and 0.75-liter non-returnable glass bottles, 1.0-liter PET containers, or 0.33-liter slim cans. The line is to be used for small batches and thus frequent product changeovers.


    Special features:

    One highlight of the new line at the plant in Publier, directly on Lake Geneva, is the enormous diversity of containers and packaging options. Not only can it process glass bottles, PET containers, and cans as well as aluminum bottles (planned), the Varioline packaging line, with its five modules, also makes it possible to produce an exceptionally high number of different pack variants – from cartons with lid flaps to over-the-top-open, over-the-top-closed, and wraparound cartons to trays without film. In all, it can produce up to 36 different packs ranging from 2x2 to 6x4 units. In addition, the Ergomodul labeler is capable of outfitting containers with a variety of labels: pressure-sensitive, wraparound, cold-glue, and hot-glue.

    29. March 2022
    1:20 min.

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