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    “Twin pack” for filling edible oil: a high-speed and a large-container line

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    For the first time, the City Group from Bangladesh has put its trust in Krones bottling kit – for two entirely different projects: for edible oil and for still mineral water. The group ordered three lines in all, which were supplied by Krones as turnkey jobs. Installation began in 2018, and successful acceptance-testing took place in 2020. The three lines were installed at the same facility in the country’s capital, Dhaka.

    Two lines for filling edible oil

    1.    Krones high-speed line

    The new high-speed line is rated at 28,000 bottles per hour, an impressive output compared to conventional edible-oil filling kit. Not only did Krones supply the complete line, it also supported the City Group in designing the edible-oil containers, which are highly popular on the market.

    The high-speed line at a glance

    The company produces a total of four different container sizes, ranging from 250 millilitres to two litres, all of them fitted with tamper-evident seals. Both the oval two-litre bottles and the five-litre bottles (which is produced in the second line from Kosme) are also fitted with a handle, for enhanced consumer convenience.

    The line is highly flexible when it comes to end-of-the-line packaging. It can produce both shrink-wrapped packs and put individual containers into cartons, thus enabling City Group to provide exactly the packaging that is needed in each of the various markets. 

    2. Line filling five-litre PET containers

    The second large-container line features a blow-moulder/filler block from Kosme, comprising a KSB 6 RG machine and a Weighfill filler, likewise installed in a cleanroom. Since the large containers, too, are dressed in shrink sleeves, the Kosme Ultracol labeller includes an additional sleeving unit.

    This line also comprises a Variopac Pro FS packer with handle applicator and a Pressant Universal 1N palletiser. The Kosme line’s total output is 6,000 large containers per hour.

    Included in Krones’ scope of delivery: a complete water line 

    In order to further expand its portfolio, City Group has recently entered the market for packaged water and here also opted for Krones technology. The water line supplied fills still water of the Jibon brand in four different container sizes. Total line output comes to 48,000 PET bottles per hour.

    Although many water bottlers meanwhile put their trust in Krones’ ErgoBloc technology, the City Group deliberately chose a conventional blow-moulder/filler block in a cleanroom. Just as with its edible-oil containers, the company also opted for tamper-evident seals over the water bottles’ closures. These are applied by a Sleevematic sleever, block-synchronised with a Contiroll wrap-around labeller. The dry end likewise features a Variopac Pro FS and a Pressant Universal 1N palletiser.

    Top-10 company

    The City Group ranks among the ten biggest conglomerates in Bangladesh. Almost 50 years ago, it originated from an oilseed mill and today comprises 40 subsidiaries. Besides oil refineries, oil mills and ship-building companies, they also include production facilities for packaging materials, plastics, mineral water and edible oil.

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