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    Steinecker TwinCool
    TwinCool cooling system for fermentation tanks

      Opening up energy reserves in tank refrigeration

      Smart cooling

      Saving energy is a major topic for all process steps in breweries. Looking at the energy requirement during fermentation and storage makes clear that the requirements of the fermentation process allow a graduated refrigeration, which will save energy.

      With the Steinecker TwinCool two-step refrigeration system, breweries will reduce their energy consumption during refrigeration.

      At a glance

      • Reduced demand for electrical energy in the refrigeration process
      • Retrofittable refrigeration system with two temperature circuits
      • Individual calculation of the potential for optimising the energy efficiency of each individual brewery in a simulation program
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      Benefits to you

      Can be retrofitted in existing plants

      The refrigeration system is especially designed and adjusted to suit each individual application, even for existing plants.

      Exact determination of the saved energy

      The used simulation software can exactly predict the energy saved for your brewery. Thereby, the ROI can exactly be determined.

      Individual adjustment to suit your refrigeration system

      The TwinCool concept can also be used for indirect refrigeration via a glycol circuit.

      Simple option for an improved energy efficiency

      TwinCool requires only a small input to render your refrigeration system more efficient.

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