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    Brand awareness: already ninth line from Krones

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    Kasapreko is the leading manufacturer of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks in the West African nation of Ghana. Its flagship product is Alamo Bitters, but the company’s portfolio also comprises energy drinks, soft drinks, malt-based beverages, beer, cider and still water.

    So far, Kasapreko has been operating a total of eight lines from Krones at its main plant in Accra and at the new Kumasi facility, including the fastest PET line for spirits from Krones. Now the ninth line is going to follow. It is rated at 80,000 PET bottles per hour for filling still water and will be added in Kumasi.
    With one exception, all lines installed in Kasapreko’s plants are from Krones. The client’s unwavering loyalty is due not least to the fast, reliable after-sales support provided by the service office in Lagos (Nigeria) and the one in Accra (Ghana), which was set up in 2016.

    Project: Turnkey 80,000-bph line with an ErgoBloc L for filling still water
    Client: Kasapreko Company Limited (KCL)
    Location: Kumasi, Ghana
    Commissioning: Early 2022

    The new turnkey line includes:


    Special features:

    Quite recently, in 2019, Kasapreko’s new factory was set up in Kumasi, the gateway to the country’s less industrially developed northern region. The company intends to bottle only soft drinks at the new facility. The first line installed by Krones at that time was a PET line, rated at 35,000 containers per hour, for CSDs and juices. Kasapreko also had a relatively small line with a Krones blow-moulder relocated from its main plant in Accra to Kumasi for filling still water. 

    Since demand for the still water brand “Awake” has been booming, Kasapreko has now decided to buy the new high-speed ErgoBloc line. The company opted for the ErgoBloc L not least because of its small footprint since space in the existing hall was at a premium. These three lines now fill up this hall completely.

    Focus on human health

    The company demonstrated its flexibly in responding to market demand in spring 2020. Because the WHO had recommended the use of hand disinfectant at the start of the pandemic, demand for this hygiene article grew exponentially – and supplies on the Ghanaian market were tight. Without further ado, Kasapreko decided in spring 2020 to launch its own production of hand disinfectant and had an existing Krones line in its Accra plant changed over to filling disinfectant. The line produced as many as 200,000 bottles per day. Kasapreko has stated that the company did not run the product for commercial reasons but rather to support preventative health care in Ghana.

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