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    Multipac in Ghana expanding with another two filling lines

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    The West African drinks maker Multipac is vigorously upsizing its filling capacities: Up until 2016, the company had operated relatively small bottling lines in Ghana’s capital, Accra. With its first Krones line, it then grew into new dimensions and output ranges. More recently, in 2019, Multipac commissioned a second Krones line for still and carbonated soft drinks.

    Now the beverage producer has placed an order with Krones for Lines 3 and 4, one PET line for CSDs and one for still water. With that, the company fills all its products exclusively on lines from Krones. Commissioning started end of 2021.

    Scope of delivery

    • Bottling line for still water, rated at 40,000 PET containers per hour, including a blow-moulder/filler block with Contiform 3 Speed and Hydrofill
    • PET line for CSDs, rated at 60,000 containers per hour, including a blow-moulder/filler block with Contiform 3 Speed and Modulfill VFS, plus an integrated Contiflow mixer

    Additionally, each line comprises a Contiroll labeller, a Variopac Pro FS packer and a Modulpal 2AC palletiser, featuring a Robobox T-GS grouping system with tripod robot.

    Krones’ scope of delivery for this turnkey order also includes the syrup room for CSDs and the water treatment system, for which Krones will install a new Hydronomic UF with prefilter for all products. Multipac will additionally use reverse-osmosis, ozonising and mineralising units from an existing line for treating its still water.

    About Multipac

    Multipac produces a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages. The “5 Star Drinks” family consists of energy drinks, soft drinks and juices while the “Kaesar Drinks” product line comprises fruit-juice-based beverages, including a carbonated apple one that is extremely popular. The company also makes malt-based drinks under the Force Malt brand and the mineral water brand Perla.

    The two fillers in detail

    The Hydrofill has been specifically designed for filling still water. In line with its hygiene concept, the water is fed in from above, with all CIP products drained off downwards. The filler does not have a manifold, which cuts costs for both investment and maintenance. It does feature the new PFR filling valve (PFR = Proportional Flow Regulator) and a machine table for draining liquids in a targeted manner.

    The Modulfill VFS is also equipped with PFR technology, which has been available for CSDs only since 2020. The machine’s new filling concept does without a ring bowl, with the product fed in through a channel from above and a pressure compensation unit fitted on top of the valve rack. This was instrumental in reducing the filler’s height by as much as 600 millimetres, a huge advantage for space-saving installation. The product tank of the mixer that is integrated in the block also serves as a buffer tank for the filler.

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