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    Winzer Krems replaces wine filtration and filling line

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    The Austrian wine producer Winzer Krems is updating its plant with a new wine bottling line and a wine filtration system – both from Krones.
    • “The quality of service, the longevity of the lines, and the high degree of innovation were key for this latest contract,” says Ludwig Holzer, Managing Director of Winzer Krems, on the company’s decision to once again invest in a Krones filling line for wine. Image credits:

      Winzer Krems, Robert Herbst

    Since 2019, the Austrian wine producer Winzer Krems has been updating its entire Sandgrube 13 plant, investing in the future and in quality. As part of this process, Winzer Krems is swapping out the now-20-year-old Krones filling line with a new one, including the process technology. For this line, Austria’s largest wine producers’ cooperative has built a dedicated hall at its Sandgrube 13 site. The old line will continue to operate until the new one is up and running – after which it will be shut down and dismantled.

    Project:  Construction of a new wine filling line, including process technology
    Client:  Winzer Krems
    Location:  Krems, Austria
    Commissioning:  End of 2021

    Turnkey filling line for wine, rated at 15,000 non-returnable glass bottles per hour, to include


    Special features

    Although the new line’s 15,000-bph rating is around 20 percent higher than that of the existing line, increasing capacity was not the main factor driving this investment. Instead, the decision-makers at Winzer Krems wanted first and foremost to work with the latest technology. Managing Director Ludwig Holzer explains: “We’ve been working with Krones for over 40 years and in this time we’ve had them install two filling lines. The quality of service, the longevity of the lines, and the high degree of innovation were key for this latest contract.”

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    For the new line, Winzer Krems built a new, dedicated hall at its Sandgrube 13 site. Image credits: Winzer Krems

    The new line in detail

    The new line will handle exclusively non-returnable glass bottles ranging in volume from 0.25 to 1.0 liters. At its heart lies a rinser-filler-capper/corker block. Downstream of the rinser and filler, two options are provided for closing the bottles: One applies aluminum screw caps while the other inserts natural corks. Just beyond the block, a unit applies capsules over the natural corks. 

    The dry end will also see some updates: With the new line, Winzer Krems is switching over completely from traditional cold-glue labels to pressure-sensitive labels made of paper. And instead of cardboard boxes, wrap-around cartons will in future be used to pack the bottles. 

    Process technology likewise from Krones

    Krones will also deliver the wine filtration system to be installed upstream of the filler, and is thus taking overall responsibility for filling and process technology. The UniPure filtration system was specially configured for Winzer Krems: Starting with the product pump in the cellar, the system comprises the following: pre-filter, storage tank, wine warmer, carbonator, main filter, emptying tank, and rework tank. The main filter is designed as a tandem filter. While one of its filter lines is operating, the other is in standby mode and can be cleaned. 

    Krones’ subsidiary KIC Krones is also responsible for providing all chemicals needed for CIP and foam cleaning, conveyor lubrication, and for the chlorine dioxide system. Here, too, Krones is fulfilling its role as a one-stop shop. 

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