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    Sneak preview into our innovative efforts: Discover tomorrow’s technology trends

      Solutions beyond tomorrow already today

      "Solutions beyond tomorrow" - with this claim and the associated target image, Krones is taking a very clear path into the future. It's about tackling three of humanity's greatest challenges together: climate change, feeding the world's population, and responsible use of packaging materials.

      These ambitious goals require innovative solutions that "go beyond tomorrow". Solutions that benefit humanity and our planet sustainably and in the long term. But solutions that also contribute to our customers' goals. In order to pursue this goal in a targeted manner, Krones' innovation work starts with the consumption of resources, with the reduction of waste and emissions, but also with the performance of our customers' production. The cornerstones of these innovations are, above all, digitalisation and the full support of our customers throughout the entire life cycle of their lines, for example by making machines even more efficient and economical through digital updates. Here you will find out more!

      Would you like to discuss the following innovations with us in person? Use the contact form to easily find the proper Krones experts, visit the virtual Krones showroom or exchange ideas with us on our numerous social media channels

      Attractive and functional: sustainable packaging from Krones

      With the sustainable LitePac Top Protect secondary packaging, 80 percent of CO2 can be saved when compared to conventional shrink-wrapped packs. And the best thing is: The solution can also be retrofitted in most cases in existing lines – without having to compromise. With a speed of up to 108,000 cans per hour, the Variopac Pro handles LitePac Top cartons just as fast as other conventional types of packaging. And also when it comes to the plastics recycling, Krones is expanding its MetaPure process to include new solutions.

      Sustainable packaging that stands out in a positive manner, does not require compromise on a functional level, meets legal requirements – and can be handled at high line speeds. Krones has a range of solutions to help you reach this goal and we would like to present you with some of them here. For example, have you heard about our reference project for combining sustainability and performance? Are you prepared for upcoming EU regulations?

      Whitepaper – Tethered caps and use of recyclate – the situation in the EU

      Whitepaper – everything you need to know about rPET

      Showroom Metapure

      Turning old into new: You can take a virtual tour through the MetaPure recycling system in the Krones showroom by simply making an appointment.

      Experience Krones solutions live in our virtual showroom

      Flexible and reliable: can lines from Krones

      The beverage can is currently on the up and up – no wonder as consumers appreciate its low space requirement, its ease of use and the always excellent product quality that it guarantees. Benefits that not only apply to the cans themselves, but also to the bottling lines on which they are handled. And, as always, just when you think it cannot get any better, Krones goes one step further: with solutions for different output ranges and a real milestone when it comes to hygiene.

      Eine kompakte Dosenlösung für Ihre Produktion zeigen wir Ihnen auch gerne im Krones Showroom – fragen Sie direkt ein persönliches Gespräch an.

      We will gladly illustrate a compact can solution for your production line in the Krones showroom – directly arrange a personal consultation. 

      Experience Krones solutions live in our virtual showroom

      Lean and efficient: glass systems from Krones

      Even more compact, more efficient and more hygienic – beverage producers have numerous demands on the glass filling world of tomorrow. And Krones transforms them into concrete solutions. For we combine numerous innovations and improvements to individual machines to form one great unified collective: the glass line of the future.

      One of the highlights here is actually an old friend. In the last few years, the Dynafill has been further developed from simply being a concept to a filling system that is close to series production. It combines the filling and capping of bottles in a single step and, thanks to higher filling temperatures, saves the energy that would normally be needed to cool the beverage.

      Erleben Sie Krones Lösungen live im virtuellen Showroom

      Do you have specific questions and would like to experience the Dynafill “live”? Then we look forward to showing you this solution during a personal consultation in the Krones showroom. 

      Experience Krones solutions live in our virtual showroom

      Nothing more than pure, unadulterated taste: advanced aseptics from Krones

      An important contribution to climate protection: Switching from hotfill to aseptic saves up to 80 percent of the CO2 emissions generated during bottle production and filling. This is because aseptic lines also process bottles made of up to 100 percent rPET without any loss in terms of container quality and product safety.

      Whether fruit juices, dairy products, or plant-based milk-substitute drinks: sensitive beverages are just as diverse as the people that drink them. To completely retain their taste and the high quality of the products without the use of additives, they need to be processed with particular care and protected from external influences. So how does that work? With an aseptic line from Krones! You can find out with which innovations we improve our technology for sensitive beverages even further by watching this video or visiting our virtual showroom.

      Erleben Sie Krones Lösungen live im virtuellen Showroom

      A lifelike and walk-through aseptic line is waiting for you is waiting for you at any given time in our virtual showroom.

      Experience Krones solutions live in our virtual showroom

      High speed and flexibility: Krones makes it possible to have both

      Either super fast or highly flexible? Why not have both? Whether it be water treatment, stretch blow-moulding technology or dry-end equipment: Clever automation solutions and systematically implemented robotics are the key to high-performance and simultaneously adaptable production technology. We will show you soon just how we implement these options and what use you may have for them in our innovation videos.

      Increased efficiency: Production data with added value

      Digital solutions are a cornerstone of how we intend to unite our target visions of sustainability and productivity. An improved efficiency ultimately lowers the need for valuable resources and production costs. In our videos, you can find out in detail how the further development of our IIoT platform or the use of artificial intelligence make it possible to achieve significant data-based improvements in existing systems. Regardless of whether you require help analysing your production data or more efficiency in your cross-site process optimisation – with the Krones Ecosystem we will present you with the key to success.

      Only the best for your product: Krones Group process technology

      Sustainability not only plays a key role in the filling and packing technology sector. In product manufacture there are a number of options available for saving water, energy or media. And the process technology experts from the Krones Group have dedicated themselves to the task of discovering exactly what opportunities are available and then translating them into suitable solutions. Find out, for example, how you can use the Brewnomic concept with your brewery to become a CO2 neutral self-supplier or how you can heat and cool plant-based milk alternatives that are becoming more and more popular – and this in an energy-efficient manner.

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