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    RhönSprudel puts turnkey returnable-glass line into operation

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    Following the installation of a palletizing system, the German mineral water company RhönSprudel is now commissioning the complete wet end of a returnable-glass line from Krones.
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    After installing a palletizing system from Krones in fall of 2020, the family firm Mineralbrunnen RhönSprudel has now ordered the complete wet end as well. The returnable-glass line is the first turnkey line from Krones to go into operation at RhönSprudel. 

    Article 25285
    The new investment replaces an existing returnable-PET line. Image credits: RhönSprudel
    Project: Returnable-glass filling line for water
    Client: Mineralbrunnen Egon Schindel RhönSprudel GmbH
    Location: Ebersburg-Weyhers, Germany
    Commissioning: Fall 2021

    Returnable-glass line rated at 36,000 bottles per hour, including


    • Pressant Universal 1A bulk glass sweep-off depalletizer spanning two stories: The bulk-glass pallets are fed in at the basement level and from there transported to the ground floor seven meters above, where the glass is then swept off each pallet individually
    • Linapac II unpacker/packer
    • Linajet Plus crate washer
    • Crate magazine 
    • Lavatec E4 single-end bottle washer
    • Modulfill HES probe filler
    • Ergomatic labeler with bottle orientation system

    For the process technology, Krones will deliver a Contiflow mixer and a UniPure system for filtering product and process water.

    Special features

    The newly designed Linajet Plus crate washer features an immersion bath as well as a jetting system to ensure the thorough cleaning of returnable crates. Another new feature is a Krones-built distribution system installed as part of the MultiCo pack conveyor downstream of the empties inspector. 

    All of the machines had to be brought into the hall by way of a special 500-ton crane, through three openings in the roof.

    The palletizing system commissioned in fall 2020 consists of a Pressant Duplex 2NT depalletizer with two depalletizing stations, a Modulpal 3A palletizer for full crates, and a Modulpal 3A palletizer for empties crates that are not needed for the current production run. 

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    The returnable-glass line is the first turnkey line from Krones to go into operation at RhönSprudel. Image credits:


    The pleasure of pure nature

    The mineral water bottler RhönSprudel is located within the Rhön biosphere reserve. That alone is good reason for the Schindel family to make sustainable stewardship of valuable resources a priority. The new investment replaces an existing returnable-PET line. 

    The line is used to bottle still and carbonated mineral water, carbonated soft drinks, and spritzers. The containers handled include the producer-specific 1.0-liter bottle as well as the 0.7-liter German Wells Cooperative (GDB) standard contoured bottle and the green 0.75-liter GDB standard bottle for medicinal water. 

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