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    IDS Borjomi International


    Two aseptic lines for filling functional water

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    IDS Borjomi International invested in two aseptic filling lines from Krones. These are going to be erected in plants in Russia and the Ukraine.
    • Five lines from Krones are already in operation at the facility in Morshyn…
    • ... The Moscow plant is being built as a greenfield project, with room for a total of six filling lines. Image credits:

      IDS Borjomi International

    IDS Borjomi International is the biggest producer of mineral water in the CIS and Baltic States. For two plants in Russia and Ukraine, Krones is delivering two nearly identical aseptic PET lines, both also including a syrup room.

    IDS Borjomi International intends to use the two new lines to bottle functional water products. On the production plan are flavored and antioxidant water, plant-protein water with up to four percent protein content, so called “beauty water” and sports drinks as well as carbonated products like spritzers and kombucha.

    Project: Expanding filling capacity for water
    Client: IDS Borjomi International

    Morshyn, Ukraine and Moscow, Russia

    Commissioning: January 2022

    Two aseptic bottling lines, each rated at 36,000 0.5-liter PET containers per hour, including


    Special features

    An aseptic carbonator is also installed which adds carbonation to the sterile product after it has been de-aerated and pasteurized. Future plans for the lines include the ability to process plant-based milks made from soy or oats. For this, IDS Borjomi International will use a homogenizer from Krones subsidiary HST that can treat the products at both the aseptic and non-aseptic ends of the flash pasteurizer. In addition, the line will be equipped with a VarioSpin de-aerator and a VarioStore aseptic buffer tank.

    Krones will also deliver a syrup room with CIP system at both locations. In the Moscow plant, the room will include a sugar dissolver for granulated sugar, a protein-dissolving station, a powder-dissolving station, a barrel emptying system, and blending tanks. In Morshyn, glucose-fructose syrup will be used instead of granulated sugar.

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