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Krones at the drinktec

In September, the waiting will finally be over!

From 11 to 15 September, the sector’s premier trade fair, the drinktec, will be held in Munich.

An indispensable event for anyone involved in the food and beverage industries – and traditionally, too, the place where new technologies are spotlighted, and where the sector meets up for mutual feedback on the very latest emerging trends. And Krones, of course, will be showcasing numerous innovations. Of which here’s a brief foretaste in advance:

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The factory of the future starts now

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Cognitive machines proactively perceive their surroundings. They inform their operators of what’s happening inside them. They make decisions and act foresightfully. And they interact with humans and with other systems, joining forces to achieve great things. The step from a production facility pure and simple to an intelligent factory resembles an evolutionary quantum leap – and thanks to Krones own digitalisation solutions, like our Share2Act social media platform, it’s already in full swing for the beverage industry.

Bottling on demand

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Just a look at the supermarket shelves shows it quite clearly: the ever-larger array of different beverage types on offer, of disparate container models, of multifarious packaging options. In order to meet consumers’ wishes for a maximally broad spectrum of choice, our clients have to be able to respond immediately to individualised requirements. And here Krones has precisely the right answers to offer. At the drinktec, we shall be showcasing a pilot line, for instance, designed to demonstrate how it will in future be possible to individually fill and package products on a just-in-time basis – without order-picking, without warehousing.

5 or 1,500 hectolitres – you always get the best

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Just as it does in the bottling hall, Krones also offers efficacious system solutions for brewhouses, suitable for large corporations and for small or mid-tier companies alike: Steinecker’s brewing systems are meanwhile available for capacities ranging from a mere five hectolitres per brew to around 1,500 hectolitres at a time with our biggest brewhouse models. Discover our superlatively synergised process-technology expertise at the drinktec – und join with us in taking an insightful look at the brewery of the future.

0.5 sec.: no one fills beer bottles faster

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When it comes to producing foods and beverages, every second counts. Which is why Krones continues to prioritise high speeds in its lines – and the drinktec is the place where our very latest innovations will be premiered. We shall, for instance, be presenting there what’s probably the fastest beer filler currently available on the market.

Multi-magical order picking

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More diversity, higher speeds, enhanced transparency: due to the huge diversity of articles and packages, coupled with frequent changes in the product range, the challenges for logistical capabilities in the corporate environment are becoming steadily more stringent – and every beverage plant has its own particular requirements for its intralogistics: we have the right answer for this, in the shape of our automatic order-picking system, in which individual orders are formed in customised compositions and reliably packaged.

Partner for Performance

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Whether it’s cost-efficiency, dependability in daily operations or a production concept holistically geared to sustainability: we have taken our clients’ wishes and requirements on board, and translated them into individualised solutions. After all, Krones is not a mere service provider, it’s also a partner, committed to supporting its clients after they have bought a new machine as well. Enabling them to achieve precisely what they’ve set out to do – and a whole lot more into the bargain.

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