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It appears to be THE revolution of the 21st century: digitalisation. In actuality, however, the quest for more effective production has been preoccupying the food and beverage industries for decades.

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Increasing the speed, downsizing the footprint, and improving the filling quality – these and numerous other advantages have been incorporated in the new and designenhanced products for Krones’ filling and block-synchronised systems.


Not every new era announces itself with a fanfare of trumpets. Sometimes, it’s the major changes, in particular, that arrive almost unnoticed. As has been the case with Krones’ labelling technology. Unobtrusively, it has re-invented itself completely over recent years.


For the brewing and beverage industries, flexibility for end-of-the-line packaging is gaining steadily in perceived importance. The kit concerned is frequently tasked with placing individual containers (the primary packages) first of all in easy-to-handle secondary multipacks, after which these are then provided with an appropriate tertiary outer package. In order to meet highly disparate requirements for the design and the sturdiness of the package concerned, clients want maximised flexibility for change-over procedures.

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Profitability, customised solutions and an efficient, cost-saving, dependable production operation – these are naturally enough at the top of the wish list for all food and beverage producers.

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